Termite Control

termite control

Termites usually live in a protected subterranean or enclosed environment made of dirt and partially digested wood or cellulose. Some termite species live in nests above ground, but most species are commonly found in subfloor areas.

The interior of the nest is kept very warm, usually 25-30 degrees Celsius with high humidity. If the nest is exposed to open air or light the chances are the termites will die due to the sensitive nature of the insect. Termite colonies live in constant darkness except if they are reproducing.

Termites are social insects and contain multiple castes within the colony. Termites live in a central colony and can travel up to 100 metres in search of food. The food they are after is cellulose which is found in certain timbers. The worker termites particularly digest the cellulose materials before returning to the nest to feed the colony. Trophallaxis is the process of feeding between termites through grooming of foods and fluids. Suitable locations for nesting termites is generally a damp or wet area with a constant water source. Termites like to nest in the root of trees, behind walls and underneath houses with a water source (usually a drainage issue). Therefore annual inspections are recommended to control further damage to your property

Many Australian property holders live in fear of termite invasions. A serious infestation can result in major structural timber damage, leading to large repair costs. An alarming aspect of a subterranean termite infestation is that the termites often are unnoticed until it’s too late.

Termite Inspections are carried out to all accessible areas in and around your property. Pest Assured will report on termite activity, termite damage, wood decay, moisture levels and conducive areas for termite invasions. Termite Inspections are straight forward and do not damage fixtures, fittings or any materials of the building.

All termite concerns will be explained and come with a recommendation for a chemical barrier system to prevent further damage in the future.

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