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Why do I need possum control?
The two most common types of possum are the ring-tail and brush-tail possum. Possums are nocturnal so they can be highly active through the night, be loud, and territorial.

Both types of species have adapted extremely well to urban environments. Having possums in your roof and around your home can be a problem as they are nocturnal – meaning that they are most active at night and are very vocal about defending their territory.

Aside from keeping you up at night, possums typically also leave droppings lying around, which pose a health issue.

The trouble with a possum infestation is that if relocated, possums will often die in the attempt to travel back to their territory, whether from the stress of relocation, being hit by vehicles or suffering a domestic pet attack. There are a number of alternatives, however, that do not harm the possums but rather encourage them to find a nest elsewhere, such as sealing off the entrances to your roof or even building the possums a makeshift nest somewhere away from your home.

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