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Why do I need fly control?

In warmer months, household infestations can become a real challenge. Male flies live for up to fifteen days, whilst female flies can live for up to 27 days if they have water and food access. Most worryingly, female flies start to lay eggs as soon as they begin their adult life stage. For this reason, it’s important to pounce on any potential flies issues immediately.
A critical point of danger of house flies is not that they are simply a nuisance, however, that they are capable of spreading disease and illness. This is because flies are able to pick up pathogenic organisms from sewerage, garbage and other sources. Flies are known transmitters of a number of damaging and dangerous diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

How can we assist with Fly control?

We leverage on our extensive experience in Fly control as well as our insights into how rodents behave and the best methods for treating and controlling them.

Our Fly treatment methodologies include:

  • A detailed inspection to assess the extent of the problem, conducting species identification and advise you of the extent of the situation
  • We recommend a treatment plan based on our technicians expert understanding of the species and the best way to treat them.
  • We carry out the recommended treatment. More often than not, our Director, Conrad Paris, is hands-on in all rodent issues.

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