Wasp and Bee Control


Why do I need wasp and bee control?

Bee’s nests are generally quite large, whilst wasp nests can be small and difficult to locate. Both bees and wasps are very territorial and always defend their areas, homes or nests. This can pose a danger with children and individuals being put at danger with allergic reactions from toxins.

Bee and wasp stings can be extremely painful, and it is important to have the right bee and wasp control mechanisms in place to ensure the risk to your family of being stung is minimised.

How can we assist with Bee and wasp control?

We leverage on our extensive experience in Bee and wasp control as well as our insights into how rodents behave and the best methods for treating and controlling them.

Our Bee and wasp treatment methodologies include:

  • A detailed inspection to assess the extent of the problem, conducting species identification and advise you of the extent of the situation
  • We recommend a treatment plan based on our technicians expert understanding of the species and the best way to treat them.
  • We carry out the recommended treatment. More often than not, our Director, Conrad Paris, is hands-on in all rodent issues.

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