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Cockroach Control involves treating what you can’t see as well as what you can. There are often many cockroaches that are invisible between walls and in roof voids, and subfloor.

Female cockroaches and can lay up to 40 eggs at a time and are often responsible for:

  • Contamination of foods, pantry, and other storage areas with faeces
  • Eating glue, adhesives and other matter
  • Potentially causing respiratory issues for those with asthma or bronchial ailments.

How to identify a cockroach infestation?

Cockroaches are generally more active at night-time. Coming across cockroaches in the day-time, generally means that the infestation is at a critical level, and you should take action.
You may notice small pepper-like clumps of cockroach faeces, or organic matter being eaten. These are both telltale signs of a cockroach infestation. It’s best to deal with these issues quickly, especially if you notice the signs appearing.

How do Pest Assured will help you with Cockroach Control?

We leverage on our extensive experience in cockroach control as well as our insights into how spiders behave and the best methods for treating and controlling them.

Our Cockroach control treatment methodologies:

  • A detailed inspection to assess the extent of the problem, conducting species identification and advise you of the extent of the situation.
  • We recommend a treatment plan based on our technicians expert understanding of the species and the best way to treat them.
  • We carry out the recommended treatment. More often than not, our Director, Conrad Paris, is hands-on in all spider control issues.

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